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Carol Dameron began her formal art education at the Sophie Newcomb College of Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, contuining at the Louvre Museum and The Centre Americain in Paris.

Further studies at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Dijon, France and an appointment to the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam led to four years of landscape and plein air paintings in the countryside of  southern Portugal. Her paintings and drawings are in the collection of the Polk Museum in Lakeland, Florida and the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. Ms. Dameron has over fifty commisions to date from society portraiture to allegorical triptychs and murals as well as numerous private collectors. Ms. Dameron taught anatomy and figure drawing at the Morean Arts Center from 1992-2004. She teaches advanced painting at the Suntan Art Center and works with private students.


“Dameron is such a fine painter, the trees are gauzy leaves against startling white could-bursts, the swish of a dog’s tail, the overall details that remind one of a 17 century baroque paintings, all contribute to a sense of drama. Their muscular handling is very 20th century.she describes her subject matter as allegorical and I agree…use of oil paint creates a rich,luminous surface…Enjoy.”                 

Lennie Bennet, Times Art Critic

Tampa Bay Times



carol at work“Carol Dameron best combines a mythological and erotic vision with the classical techniques normally associated with the best European artists. She is somebody you want to collect.”

Burton Hersh
Writer/Art Collector

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