Wake Up Different in the Terrible Mirror of the Sky

“The dreaming warrior goes hunting through strange lands.  She catches a bird and they fuse over time.  Her paths are marked by onions & roots, moonlight & water, tree stumps & dreams.

The allegorical series brings inner conflict and outer struggles simultaneously to one surface.  The bird, an Asian crane, represents the unconscious, the muse.  The woman is physically changed by the struggle taking on qualities of the bird.  The loss of arms to a claw & a wing symbolizies inward strength and a little hope.  The helmet protects the woman’s mind while vulnerable in her nudity.  The figure gains perspective and enters into the world with other people, regaining her arms and hands.  The bird disappears, replaced by people, and life goes on.”

Carol Dameron’s recent oil on wood paintings from her series, Wake Up Different in the Terrible Mirror of The Sky, are semi-allegorical.

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